Original Fabco PANCAKEĀ® Cylinder by Fabco-Air

Manufacturer: Fabco-Air

The Fabco Original PANCAKE® Cylinder was designed in 1958 to satisfy a need for short stroke cylinders that would fit in very tight spaces.  The Fabco-Air Pancake Air Cylinder line has set the performance standard for miniature air cylinders.


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Today with over 4 decades of experience in thousands of cylinder applications around the world, The FABCO PANCAKE® Line offers far more than any of its imitators - More Features and Options - Better Quality, Strength and Appearance - Far Longer Product Life.


  • 8 Bore Sizes (1/2" to 4") 
  • Strokes to 4" 
  • Machined from Aluminum Bar Stock 
  • Duralon® Rod Bearing for Reduced Wear 
  • Prelubed with Magnalube-G® Grease
  • Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Piston Rods 
  • Air Service to 250 PSI 
  • Hydraulic Service to 500 PSI 
  • Dozens of Options Available 
  • Magnetic Piston Sensing Available 


Pancake Cylinders
Catalog of Fabco's famous Pancake Air Cylinders. Pneumatic cylinders designed to fit in small spaces.
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