Stainless Steel Body, Non-repairable air cylinders by Fabco-Air

Manufacturer: Fabco-Air

"F" Series Cylinders are directly interchangeable model for model, bore for bore, stroke for stroke!


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Get all the models:

  • Double Acting
  • D/A Hollow Rod
  • Single Acting Push
  • Single Acting Pull
  • Magnetic Piston
  • Air Cushion
  • Multi-Position
  • Position Feedback
  • Hole Punch
  • Delrin Corrosion Resistant

All 12 Bores:

  • 5/16" thru 3"

All the Mounts:

  • Nose Mount
  • Rear Pivot
  • Block Front
  • Trunnion Mount

All the Options:
Over 100 to choose from.



F Series Non Repairable Cylinders
Catalog of Fabco round bore stainless steel air cylinders
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