Miniature 53 Style Modular Manifold by Fabco-Air

Manufacturer: Fabco-Air

Options Available:

Miniature 53 Style Modular Manifold 2,3 and 4 Way Solenoid Valves with 10-32 or 1/8 NPT Ports available in Singular or Modular Manifold Versions. Any combination of function and ports can be combined in the same manifold stack to save time, space and plumbing. With pressure manifold plugging, 2 or more pressure ranges and/or media can be controlled in the same stack.

  • Viton Seals 
  • Coils & Housings 
  • Low Pressure Spring
  • Pro-CoatTM (Electroless Nickel Plate)
  • Special Bank Assembly (Plugs, Fittings, Wire Terminals)
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