Numatics SC Series Swing Clamp by Numatics Actuators and Motion Control

The Numatics SC Series Swing Clamps combine linear and rotary motions. A specially machined spline internal to the piston rod develops the combined motions. When the clamp is pressurized to extend, it moves linear, removing the clamp tooling from the clamped surface as not to damage the clamped surface. After completing the linear travel, rotation occurs swinging the clamp arm away from the work holding area. During clamping the opposite motions occur.


  • Body: Hardcoat anodized aluminum, light weight, durable Teflon impregnated, lubricated, maximizes seal life.
  • Rod Bushing: Large bearing area provides maximum rod support side load protected.
  • Piston Rod: Hardened electroless nickel plated corrosion resistant, durable low wearing surface.
  • Clamp Arm: Taper mounted convenient arm adjustment, 360 degree adjustment.
  • Mounting Surface: Convenient location precision machined to accept standard industrial fasteners. (Single Arm Only).

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SC Clamp Catalog
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