Numatics BSG Series Ball Screw Gantry Linear Slide by Numatics Actuators and Motion Control

The Numatics BSG Series carriage assembly is guided by two guide rods and supported by an independent bearing system. The guide rod and bearing system support the load while the ball screw drives the load. Each function is independent of the other. The BSG-Series incorporates Numatics Motion Control’s patented NuMate™ mounting system. NuMate™ easily combines pneumatic driven products with electrical drive products to create electro/pneumatic systems.


  • Carriage: Hardcoat anodized aluminum, lightweight, high durability NuMate™ direct mounting pattern, reduced cost for multi axis applications.
  • Ball Screw: Precision Rolled Thread accurate smooth motion, repeatable to +/-.005 long lasting, predictable performance, boot covers available.
  • Ball Nut: Easy access, total adjustability, factory or field installed.
  • Guide Rods: (Two Choices) Hardened Steel hardness Rc 60-65, long life Hardened Stainless Steel hardness Rc 50-55, corrosion resistant precision ground & polished 15u RMS smooth cycling, low breakaway.
  • Bearings: (Two Choices) Four Linear Ball Bearings greatest load capacity, self-lubricating, built-in seals and wipers, self-aligning max. speed 60"/sec... Four Frelon® Compounded Teflon®, self-lubricating, self-aligning, long service life, ideal for cleanroom max. speed 28"/sec


Numatics Ball Screw Gantry Slides
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