Numatics BDU Series Belt Drive Unit by Numatics Actuators and Motion Control

The Numatics BDU Series is a belt driven guided linear motion system utilizing a tooth-profiled belt to control position of its moving carriage. This belt driven design provides modest load carrying capacity, high speed and very long stroke capabilities. The BDU-Series requires a motor of some type to drive the unit. Motors include stepper, servo, AC/DC synchronous and air drives.


  • Body: Made from extruded aluminum, rigid, light weight, rigid design, internal stiffening ribs support carriage. Side Slots for position switch mounting and foot mounting brackets.
  • Carriage: Guided and Supported, body extrusion geometry, supports carriage motion. Robalon™ Bearings synthetic bearing material for high speed applications, NuMate™ Direct Mounting Pattern, other Numatics Motion Control products mount directly to carriage without adapters or transition plates.
  • Drive Belt: Steel Reinforced Polyurethane light weight, high strength, low stretch trapezoid profile eliminates slip, greater accuracy.
  • End Cap: Belt Tensioning System, easy access, easy adjustment.
  • Output Shaft: Dual Output Shaft accessible from both sides of body, motor mounting from both sides


Numatics Belt Drive Actuator Catalog
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