FLM Series Stepper Motors by Numatics Actuators and Motion Control

The Numatics FLM Series stepper motors are available in both NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes. Winding confirmations increase motor compatibility with most step motor drives. The FLM Series are also compatible for most full, half and micro-stepping applications.


  • 7 sizes with holding torque ratings from 68 to 1155oz-in (48 to 816 Ncm).
  • NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes available.
  • ± 2% typical step accuracy.
  • Operate in full-step (1.8°) or half-step (0.9°) increments.
  • Can be microstepped to achieve increments as small as .0072°.
  • Can operate at rates to 20,000 steps per second (6000 rpm).
  • UL and Canadian Recognized.
  • CE certification.
  • Can withstand over 2 times rated current without demagnetization.
  • Motors available with optional encoder for closed loop applications.
  • Wide range or windings available with 4 or 6 connections for use with bipolar or unipolar drives.
  • Rugged construction to provide long


Numatics Stepper Motor Catalog
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