Robo Cylinder RCP2 Series by IAI Intelligent Actuator

Manufacturer: IAI Intelligent Actuator
  • High Precision, High Rigidity, and High Functionality
  • Electric actuator utilizing a ballscrew, linear guide, and stepper motor.
  • Can help raise your production efficiency level and save you 67% in running costs compared with pneumatic cylinders.
  • Gives you more flexibility for your application needs with two new width sizes, the 73mm Slider type and the 35mm Rod type.
  • Allows multi-point positioning of up to 64 points.
  • Features technological improvements in all areas, such as lower operating noise, ease of use, and ease of maintenance.
  • Designed to operate in environments with dust and water splash with new IP65 models.
  • Moves Made Simple

    Moves Made Simple
    Maximum positioning of 64 points is possible with the new controller. Highly advanced operations are possible, such as "on-the-fly" speed adjustments.

    Smaller Controller Footprint

    Smaller Controller Footprint
    At approximately 1/2 the size of its previous RCP-C controller, the new controller is ideal for mounting in areas with limited available space.

    Increased Payload

    Increased Payload
    The new aluminum-based 73mm Slider type allows for a 3 fold increase in payload capability over its previous maximum payload (with the 58mm type).

    Small Actuator Footprint

    Small Actuator Footprint
    The new super-compact 35mm x 35mm Rod Type is designed to maximize its surrounding space constraints

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