Tolomatic Axiom PV Brushless Servo Controller/Drive by Tolomatic Axidyne Electric Motion Control


The Tolomatic Axiom® PV sequential motion controller offers intuitive yet sohisticated functionality. The PV features an integrated PLC, motion controller and drive for an all-in-one package with space saving advantages. Windows®-based software utilizes a point and click sequential program and PLC ladder logic editor, allowing programming without learning code. The Axiom PV incorporates the same vector drive technology used in the Axiom DV drive. It is price competitive with integrated motion controllers/drives that do not offer PLC capability

AXIOM PV Controller/Drive Features



  • Real-time scan supervisory function continuous from powe-up

  • Typical scan time of 2-4 milliseconds

  • Ladder logic allows 175 rungs, 4 lines deep, 5 input operations and an output coil

  • Operations include: normally-open, normall-closed, logical invert, one-shot, output coil, latch, unlatch, timers and counters

  • 64 character rung descriptor downloaded and uploaded with program

  • Internal bit-flags for information transfer between controller and PLC


  • PV series drives use space vector commutation providing better bus voltage utilization than traditional sine drives for improved speed/torque curves

  • Flux vector current control provides accurate high bandwidth control of torque producing current for better efficiency and more torque over the full speed range than with traditional sine drives

  • Drives MRV series brushless servo motors or can be configured for customer specified linear or rotary 3-phase brushless servo motors

  • Autophasing eliminates the need for Hall sensors in motors

  • Drive enable input


Tolomatic PV Drive User's Manual
[ Download ] (3017kb)
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