MicroGuard® Safety Light Curtain DIN-rail Mountable Safety Relay Controller Module by Pinnacle

Manufacturer: Pinnacle

Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI, CSA, RIA, CE standards, UL Subject 491, UL1998, IEC 61496 standard parts 1 and 2


DIN-Rail Controller Features:

  • Snap-out wiring terminals reduce both installation and maintenance time
  • Universal controller for all pylon sizes
  • Small and compact DIN-rail
  • Mountable Controller
  • Small and compact light curtain pylons
  • Multiple status indicators for operator awareness
  • Quick disconnect wiring at pylons
  • Ultra fast response time
  • Largest selection of sizes available
  • Largest selection of options available
  • Multi-lingual diagnostic display available
  • Diverse redundant design concept
  • Utilizes captive contact force-guided safety relays
  • Largest selection of blanking options available—fixed or floating blanking
  • Patented “auto blank” capable controller
  • Remote status display (RSD)™ capable
  • Diagnostic message display built-in
  • External relay checking built-in
  • Emergency stop safety input built-in
  • Auxiliary relay output built-in
  • Fault relay output built-in
  • Remote latching reset built-in
  • Remote indicator lights output provision built-in
  • Push button reset with memory
  • Analog output for non-safety related applications (optional) -10v to +10v or 0 to +10v (consult factory)
  • Built-in operator interface
  • Two-year warranty
  • Made in the USA
Complete system monitoring on DeviceNet™ fieldbus networks. The MicroGuard® controller family is fully compatible with the DeviceNet™ fieldbus and can be connected directly into the fieldbus for non-safety monitoring of system status. DeviceNet™ is the leading low-cost communications link that connects a wide range of automated manufacturing devices for greater usability and convenience. Multiple MicroGuard® controllers can be networked with numerous other devices on a single DeviceNet™ network. Add suffix DN to controller part number for this optional feature.

Remote Status Display (RSD)™
The optional Remote Status Display (RSD)™ may be used in conjunction with the MicroGuard DIN-rail Controller. The RSD provides the machine operator and front line supervisor immediate system status and diagnostics when the DIN-rail Controller is mounted inside the machine control panel. The RSD™ diagnostic operator interface can also control all blanking options if that style light curtain is used.

Remote Status Display (RSD)™ Components:

  • Red/Green indicator lights
  • Diagnostic scrolling message display with 5’ of connector cable
  • Keyed selector switch and yellow blanking active indicator supplied if blanking is used

The RSD™ components are mounted on a steel plate and are designed to be exterior panel mounted. The RSD™ option enhances safety and is a time saver at machine set-up and when maintenance diagnostics are required

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