Smart Micro Guard Controller by Pinnacle

Manufacturer: Pinnacle
Unique Features
  • Same Controller for all size light curtains: 4” to 120” (102mm to 3048mm)
  • Same Controller for various input ranges: 24VDC, 120VAC, 240VAC
  • Message display (external) - Bright red LED alphanumeric scrolling message display
  • 50 plain English diagnostic and operating status messages
  • Counts and displays location of obstructed beams
  • Counts and displays number of obstructed beams
  • System diagnostics with display to aid in-field maintenance
  • Blanking functions controlled by keyed selector switch on front panel with display and indicator
  • Smart controller eliminates cumbersome troubleshooting techniques
  • Control reliable system
  • Internal mute-out system (optional)
The Smart MicroGuard® Controller makes machine guarding safer, easier to use and will enhance machine utilization measurably. It is unique in the machine guarding industry for the ability to constantly display the operating conditions of the safety light curtain. The Controller informs the user of any faults, failures and the current operating status of the safety system in plain English on the external message display center. The message display is located on the front panel of the Controller. This gives the machine operator and front line supervisors access to information quickly and safely.

Sample Display Messages
The MicroGuard® Controller diagnostic message display will provide all faults related to redundant circuitry, microprocessors, captive contact safety relays, bad grounds, external infrared sources, shorts, blanking functions, etc. The Controller will also display on the message center the locations of misaligned or obstructed beams and then count and display how many beams have been obstructed. Additionally, if a printed circuit board or component should fail, the faulty board and beam number will be shown on the display. The board then can be replaced quickly in the field, eliminating costly downtime.

The counting and displaying the number of beams blanked out is required information when determining the depth penetration factor for proper installation of any light curtain.

ANSI B11.19-1990.

Various standard provisions are designed into the MicroGuard® Metal Box Controller Module to facilitate any guarding system interface and monitoring desired. Usage is optional.

Output Circuitry
Safety Output Configuration
Every MicroGuard comes standard with two Captive Contact Safety Relays, auxillary relay, and fault relay. The metal box controller can be configured for a “Single Stop” circuit or a “Dual Stop” circuit output.
Single Stop Circuit SS - Both internal Safety Relays are wired in series and the user is provided with one dry contact output. (Open when fault or blocked.) Supplied standard on the Metal Box (MG) Controller.
Dual Stop Circuit DS - Each internal Safety Relay is wired separately which provides the end-user with two separate dry contact outputs. (Both open when fault or blocked.) Add suffix DS to Metal Box (MG) part number.
The DIN-rail controller comes configured for a Dual Stop circuit with a jumper wire between outputs so that the user can wire into a Single Stop circuit system provided they wire both Safety Relays in series.

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