Custom Cylinder Examples Abrasive Environment by Turn-Act

Manufacturer: Turn-Act

Some of the most abusive environments can be found in the paper, wood products, bakery, and foundry industries. Migrating particulates can be the cause of premature equipment failure in these applications. To address these environmental issues, Turn-Act developed this SPECIAL Actuator.

This assembly consists of:

  • 175 in.lbs. 90º rotary actuator
  • Rod Seal -- modified for abusive environments
  • Blind cap head
  • Shaft modification included:
  • 6" Extended length with a 1.5" flat

Tapped holes for end effecter attachment

Improved actuator life and system cost reductions were the primary goals of this modified actuator. Overall, the design provided extended cycle life by limiting particulate entry points and reduced costs associated with assembling the components.

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