Robo Cylinder RCP2 Controllers by IAI Intelligent Actuator

Manufacturer: IAI Intelligent Actuator
The RCP2 series comprises the most basic and least expensive Robo Cylinder package, particularly well-suited to low-speed, high payload applications. 'Robo Cylinder' ® refers to an electromechanical system consisting of an electric actuator and a motion controller.  All Robo Cylinders offer distinct advantages over pneumatic cylinders, including the capability of custom control over the actuator's position, velocity, acceleration, deceleration, and motor torque.

The Robo Cylinder RCP2 is used in applications where user I/O is not needed but multiple positions are required. Using only 64 positions and eliminating any programmability or user I/O brings down the system cost, making the Robo Cylinder RCP2 very affordable. By utilizing our Robo Cylinder serial communication protocol, a PLC or industrial PC could store the point table and send over the changes via RS485. This method creates virtually an infinite amount of positions stored remotely in the PLC or Industrial PC. For applications requiring user I/O and programmability, the DS Series from Intelligent Actuator is ideal.

RCP2-C Incremental-type Controller

The RCP2-C Incremental controller is the 'basic' Robo Cylinder controller, for use with RCP2 type actuators.  The controller houses position or 'point' data manipulated via Teaching Pendant or PC Interface Software

The RCP2-C requires a 24V DC power supply (sold separately).

Movement may be executed through parallel (digital) I/O by connecting the flat cable to a PLC, Super SEL Controller or any digital I/O device. Using the serial I/O port (RS485), the user may control up to 16 units from a separate mater device (i.e., PC, PLC, Human Machine Interface Panel or Machine Vision System).

Simple point-to-point positioning is the most basic capability of the RCP2-C controller, but it also features incremental motion capability from any assigned position, as well as a unique push function.  The push function is ideal for insertion, part recognition, clamping, or press/fit applications requiring a specific combination of force and position control.

RCP2-C Absolute-type Controller

Because the RCP2 series actuators do not actuators do not feature absolute encoders, the RCP2-C Absolute type controller is not a true 'absolute' controller.   This variation of the standard RCP2-C controller instead offers battery backup of the positioning data provided by the incremental encoder of the actuator.  This configuration is ideal for applications in which power is frequently cycled (as in emergency stop situations), because the actuator need not return to the 'home' position before resuming motion.  The RCP2-C Absolute type controller can therefore significantly reduce cycle time.  However, moving the actuator suddenly without power may cause a loss of position data.

All Robo Cylinder controllers can be operated by either a Teaching Pendant or our PC Interface Software.

RCP2 controllers are CE certified

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