Robo Cylinder Teaching Pendant by IAI Intelligent Actuator

Manufacturer: IAI Intelligent Actuator
The Robo Cylinder ® Teaching Pendant is used to input point and position data to Robo Cylinder controllers. The Teaching Pendant offers a portable and easy-to-use alternative to the PC Interface Software

The RCA-T Teaching Pendant is compatible with all Robo Cylinder controllers, and possesses the same functional capabilities as the PC Interface Software. The pendant connects via a 5 meter cable to the 'Port In' connector on the controller. Featuring user-friendly navigation menus and a handy slide-out instruction panel, the pendant is extremely simple to operate. Compact size and portability are the primary advantages offered, making the teaching pendant an ideal resource for applications involving a large number of Robo Cylinders spread out over a wide area. Robo Cylinder motion can be adjusted or updated by simply plugging in and inputting data, and then the operator is free to move on to the next. And because up to 16 Robo Cylinder controllers can be 'daisy-chained' (linked via serial communication) it is possible to edit the position data of multiple controllers simultaneously.

Also available with the 'Deadman switch' option for extremely delicate or dangerous applications.

All Robo Cylinder controllers can also be operated using PC Interface Software
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