Numasizing the Intelligent use of Compressed Air by Numatics Air Valves

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Numasizing, developed by Numatics Inc., is a method of accurately determining the proper size of air components and conductors for a system. The general past practice for selecting air valves and piping has been to select a valve and pipe size equal to the port size of the cylinder chosen. In many instances this practice has resulted in oversizing the valve and piping, sometimes as much as two or three sizes. In fact, for some applications, use of piping larger than required will hinder the performance of the system. Numasizing can also be a valuable asset in troubleshooting an existing system to determine if unsatisfactory performance is a result of improper sizing of the system's devices. Numatics Inc. has performed considerable research and testing in order to derive relationships and compile sufficient performance data to make optimum selection possible. Air-Oil Systems personnel have had extensive training in Numasizing and can be of great benefit to you in the proper design of your system. In most cases this can be accomplished by phone or Fax and it's Free Icon.

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More About "Numasizing"

Compressed air, like electricity and gas, is an energy medium and therefore must also be conserved and used wisely. Numasizing negates the need to speculate on the stroke time of an actuator even when subjected to two different loads under two distinct pressures. In addition to predicting these performance times it determines the HP (horsepower) requirements, terminal velocity, stroke times, air usage, individual and system Cv (Pneumatic Conductance) to establish the weakest link in the chain of components, etc.

The technique not only takes into account all the necessary physical specifications, pressures and components, but objectives such as energy utilization, increased productivity, minimum size components, etc. or blending of several. What ensues is a tailor made circuit designed to the customer's targets. You must keep in mind that even though it is the same circuit, different valves, components, pressures etc. are necessary to satisfy the varied objectives of the OEM, END-USER, FACILITIES, CONSERVATIONIST, ETC.

Numasizing is not based on a theoretical approach or a mathematical model, but on actual results of over 250,000 test firings of cylinders. They ranged from 3/8" to 14" bores, in conjunction with different diameter/length conductors and valve sizes. The cylinders were subjected to every conceivable dual pressure/load combination feasible. Consequently, it allows us to predict and recommend components and pressures with confidence.

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