JD-100 by Vaccon

Manufacturer: Vaccon
Product Name: J-Series Vacuum Pump - 20"Hg*
Description:  A small, cylindrical, lightweight, and virtually indestructible pump powered
by compressed air or other gases.
This pump produces a vacuum by forcing compressed air through a limiting
orifice into a venturi section.

As the air exits the orifice, it expands, increasing in velocity to
supersonic speeds before entering the venturi section.
This creates a vacuum or negative pressure at the vacuum inlet port located
between the orifice and the venturi section. This high velocity insures
efficient and effective operation.

16 models to choose from - JF series produces
up to 10"Hg, JD series produces up to 20"Hg,
JS series produces up to 28"Hg.

Can be specified to operate at 80PSI or 60PSI.

Available in a wide variety of materials including aluminum, stainless
steel, PVC and teflon.

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