Fastvac Vacuum Pump VP00 by Vaccon

Manufacturer: Vaccon

In keeping pace with industry's need for improved automation and material
handling methods, Vaccon introduced the FASTVAC Series. The FASTVAC Series
provides maximum design flexibility by using a modular component approach.

Integrating a venturi vacuum pump, sensors, and solenoid valves within one
assembly, the FASTVAC Series provides complete vacuum systems capable of
interfacing with computerized control systems.

7 body styles and 16 models offer you a wide range of sizes and performance
levels - L models produce up to 10"Hg, M models produce up to 20"Hg, and H
models produce up to 28"Hg.

Customize your pump with optional factory installed gauges, valves, switches
and sensors


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VP00 Catalog
Manufacturer: Vaccon
Product: Fastvac Vacuum Pump VP00
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