Fre-Thane Polyurethane Tubing by Freelin-Wade

Manufacturer: Freelin-Wade
We manufacture over 10 million feet of Polyurethane (PUR) tubing each year. Our FRE-THANE tubing is relied upon in thousands of applications. Our custom capabilities, unsurpassed service, and prompt delivery have placed Freelin-Wade at the top in the plastic tubing industry. Customers have come to expect nothing short of consistent quality and service from Freelin-Wade.

What makes FRE-THANE the ideal choice?
FRE-THANE possesses low gas permeability and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, fuels, oil, and fungi. Select from over a dozen standard colors in the most popular sizes. Several transparent colors are available and ease viewing content. 

Why is Freelin-Wade Polyurethane superior?

Our FRE-THANE tubing is formulated with an Ether base PUR compound. Longevity, flexibility and kink-resistance are inherent features of FRE-THANE. FRE-THANE has an outstanding re-coil memory, making it the best material to coil. FRE-THANE is by far the most versatile plastic tubing compound available. Freelin-Wade offers four types of PUR compounds, ranging in durometer hardness from 95A-the hardest to 70A--the softest.
Is my application right for FRE-THANE?
FRE-THANE Polyurethane is often the better choice for a multitude of fluid and pneumatic applications. Polyurethane tubing is ideal for Fluid Power, Robotics, Pneumatic, Medical, Dental, Packaging, and any other application where kink resistance and flexibility are a priority.

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