Nylon 11 Tubing by Freelin-Wade

Manufacturer: Freelin-Wade

What is the difference between Nylon 6, 11, or 12?
Nylon, also known as Polyamide, was developed nearly 50 years ago as the first engineered thermoplastic. Nylon compounds are often classified by the number of carbon molecules found in the groups of monomers that form the compound. Those carbon molecules are signified as Nylon 6, Nylon 11, or Nylon 12, or combinations, such as Nylon 6/6 or Nylon 6/12. Many Nylon compounds are hydroscopic, meaning they can absorb moisture. Some lesser cost compounds exhibit absorption rates as high as 9.5%, as measured by ASTM D-570 tests. This much absorption can cause dimensional and strength changes in plastic tubing, and premature failure. Nylon 11’s absorption rate is only .9%, making it the superior Nylon tubing choice.

Why is Freelin-Wade Nylon 11 superior?
Our FRE-LON Nylon 11 tubing utilizes a high strength flexible grade compound. This allows for a thinner tubing wall, greater flexibility, and smaller bend radius while offering working pressures ranging from 165 to 375 PSI. This heat and light stabilized compound is dimensionally stable. The physical properties of Nylon 11 make it a tougher thermoplastic tubing


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