Polyethylene Tubing by Freelin-Wade

Manufacturer: Freelin-Wade

POLLY-TUBE™  The Economical Choice

Polyethylene, also known by its scientific name, “polyethene,” is a polymer with eleven different classifications. Though the polymer was invented by accident, producing it with consistent quality was initially problematic. The tide changed that year when Phillip’s Petroleum, along with an innovative toy maker, launched the Hula-Hoop™. Twenty million of the polyethylene hoops were sold in the first six months.

POLLY-TUBE is extruded to close tolerances from high quality Low Density Polyethylene resins. Tasteless and odorless, all colors except red comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 2.1 for food contact applications.  POLLY-TUBE has broad chemical resistance and is impermeable to gasses and moisture; with a water absorption rate of 0.15%, per ASTM D-570 standards.  For applications prone to stress cracks see Linear Low Density PE-2000


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