Numatics LR Rotary Actuator by Numatics Actuators and Motion Control

The Numatics LR Series rotary actuator is a low profile rack and pinion design. Two independent pistons drive their corresponding racks against the pinion thereby rotating the platform.


  • Body: Hardcoat Anodized, lightweight, durable, Teflon® impregnated inside and out.
  • Rotary Platform: Hardcoated anodized aluminum durable. Supported by two bearings. One on each side of the pinion shaft providing superior dynamic load capacity.
  • Stroke Adjustment: Built in rotary hard stops, protects rotary platform from over travel. External stroke adjust screws with locking set screws provide fine tuned rotary position.
  • Flow Controls: Built in design easily adjustable, provide precise deceleration speed control in both directions.
  • Position Sensing: LR60 & LR125 come standard with internal shock absorbers.
  • Shocks: Proximity switch sensors available for rotary position sensing


Numatics LR Rotary Actuator Catalog
[ Download ] (2150kb)
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