Numatics AG Gripper by Numatics Actuators and Motion Control

The Numatics AG Series angular gripper utilizes a double acting piston with a dual pivot system. The piston has a single center pivot that drives each gripper jaw open and closed. The gripper jaws have an independent stationary pivot which each jaw arcs about. The ratio between the piston and jaw pivots has been optimized for maximum operating performance. The AG series angular gripper is a cartridge style design. The cartridge design utilizes a minimum number of components, seven major components in all. The cartridge design offers the greatest grip force to size ratio over other conventional designs.


  • Body: Produced from extruded alloy aluminum,. hardcoat anodized with Teflon ® for reduced friction, reduced wear. High finish bores for increased seal life, & sensor mounting rail for easy access mounting (not available on AG010). Light weight, durable, long life.
  • Piston: Single piece, stainless steel design, corrosion resistant with magnetic sensing band standard all sizes.
  • Jaws: Hardened alloy steel with lubrication, keyway slot for tooling location,  32 degree jaw motion Each jaw travels 1 degree beyond center.
  • Pivot Pins: Hardened alloy steel,  reduced friction, low wear, increased service life, supported by polymer bushings.


Numatics AG Grippper Catalog
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