Numatics MPG5 Gripper by Numatics Actuators and Motion Control

The Numatics MPG5 Series gripper is designed for pick & place of small pieces. The cutting edge design of the MPG5 allow for manifold mounting a series of MPG5’s in line without the concerns of space for fittings or airlines. Another unique feature of the MPG5 is the dual-purpose purge port that is part of every gripper. This feature facilitates use of the MPG5 in some clean room applications and very dirty environments..


  • Shielded design for long service life.
  • High grip force to weight ratio.
  • Top porting allows units to be manifold mounted eliminating air fittings. Side and Top porting standard.
  • Purge port will evacuate any contaminates from inside for a clean room environment. When pressurized the purge will keep debris from entering unit in dirty environments.
  • Jaws are aluminum bronze alloy and T-Slot style to prevent jaw breakage


Numatic MPG5 Gripper Catalog
[ Download ] (483kb)
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