Hansen Flat Faced Hydraulic Couplings by Hansen Couplings

Manufacturer: Hansen Couplings

This Hansen two-way coupling is designed for fluid handling where minimal spillage and minimal air inclusion are required. Constructed of 316L stainless steel, this series is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Featuring a ball lock and push-to-connect design, this series has a high flow capacity and optional NPTF and BSPP threads. Various seal materials are available.


  • Ball lock
  • Push to connect
  • Minimal fluid loss when disconnecting
  • Minimal air inclusion when connecting
  • High flow capacity
  • NPTF and BSPP threads available

Standard Materials:

  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Viton Seals


Part NumberNominal DiameterEnd ConnectionThread DetailSeal Material
2DBS-25F1/4"Female Thread1/4-18 NPTFViton
2DBS-25F1921/4"Female Thread1/4-18 NPTFEPDM
2DBS-25FBS1/4"Female Thread1/4-19 BSPPViton
2DBS-25FBS1921/4"Female Thread1/4-19 BSPPEPDM
3DBS-37F3/8"Female Thread3/8-18 NPTFViton
3DBS-37F1923/8"Female Thread3/8-18 NPTFEPDM
3DBS-37FBS3/8"Female Thread3/8-19 BSPPViton
3DBS-37FBS1923/8"Female Thread3/8-19 BSPPEPDM
4DBS-50F1/2"Female Thread1/2-14 NPTFViton
4DBS-50F192 1/2"Female Thread 1/2-14 NPTFEPDM
4DBS-50FBS1/2"Female Thread1/2-14 BSPPViton
4DBS-50FBS1921/2"Female Thread1/2-14 BSPPEPDM
6DBS-75F3/4"Female Thread3/4-14 NPTFViton
6DBS-75F1923/4"Female Thread3/4-14 NPTFEPDM
6DBS-75FBS3/4"Female Thread3/4-14 BSPPViton
6DBS-75FBS1923/4"Female Thread3/4-14 BSPPEPDM
8DBS-100F1"Female Thread1-11 1/2 NPTFViton
8DBS-100F1921"Female Thread1-11 1/2 NPTFEPDM
8DBS-100FBS1"Female Thread1-11 BSPPViton
8DBS-100FBS1921"Female Thread1-11 BSPPEPDM

Part NumberNominal DiameterEnd ConnectionThread DetailSeal Material
2DBP-25F1/4"Female Thread1/4-18 NPTFViton
2DBP-25F1921/4"Female Thread1/4-18 NPTFEPDM
2DBP-25FBS1/4"Female Thread1/4-19 BSPPViton
2DBP-25FBS1921/4"Female Thread1/4-19 BSPPEPDM
3DBP-37F3/8"Female Thread3/8-18 NPTFViton
3DBP-37F1923/8"Female Thread3/8-18 NPTFEPDM
3DBP-37FBS3/8"Female Thread3/8-19 BSPPViton
3DBP-37FBS1923/8"Female Thread3/8-19 BSPPEPDM
4DBP-50F1/2"Female Thread1/2-14 NPTFViton
4DBP-50F1921/2"Female Thread1/2-14 NPTFEPDM
4DBP-50FBS1/2"Female Thread1/2-14 BSPPViton
4DBP-50FBS1921/2"Female Thread 1/2-14 BSPPEPDM
6DBP-75F3/4"Female Thread3/4-14 NPTFViton
6DBP-75F1923/4"Female Thread3/4-14 NPTFEPDM
6DBP-75FBS3/4"Female Thread3/4-14 BSPPViton
6DBP-75FBS1923/4"Female Thread3/4-14 BSPPEPDM
8DBP-100F1"Female Thread1-11 1/2 NPTFViton
8DBP-100F1921"Female Thread1-11 1/2 NPTFEPDM
8DBP-100FBS1"Female Thread1-11 BSPPViton
8DBP-100FBS1921"Female Thread1-11 BSPPEPDM

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