Hansen Hydraulic Flat Face Coupling by Hansen Couplings

Manufacturer: Hansen Couplings

This Hansen Two-Way Coupling is a flat face, dry break (minimum spill), hydraulic device that meets or exceeds the ISO 16028 standard. The flat face coupling is ideal for applications where hydraulic spillage is a concern and interchangeability with other manufacturers is important. The device has a standard sleeve lock feature to prevent accidental disconnection and an easy, push-to-connect design. It operates at a 5075 psi maximum operating pressure and has excellent mechanical performance. Dust caps and dust plugs are available accessories.


  • Steel
  • Pressures up to 5075 PSI
  • Flow rates up to 85 gpm
  • Suitable for hydraulic circuits, public works, agriculture, iron and steel, railway and other industries.


  • 5075 psi maximum operating pressure for all sizes (connected and disconnected)
  • Automatic connection
  • Sleeve lock
  • Available in NPT, BS and SAE threads
  • Deeper knurling provides an improved grip
  • Excellent mechanical performance (pressure/fl ow)
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Meets or exceeds ISO 16028 standard
  • Optional – colored rings for quick identification


  • Construction Equipment
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Mining Equipment
  • Public Utilities
  • Hydraulic Tools & Accessories
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Railway Maintenance
  • Overhead Bucket Hoists


  • Socket body: Zinc-plated steel
  • Plug body: Steel, QPQ finish
  • Sleeve: Steel, QPQ finish
  • End connections: Zinc-plated steel
  • Valves: Zinc-plated steel
  • Springs: Steel and stainless steel
  • Balls: Stainless steel
  • Seals: Nitrile and polyurethane
  • (Other body and seal materials available upon request)

Dust Caps and Plugs:

  • PVC: Red or black depending on size
  • (Other materials available upon request)


  • Public Utilities
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Railway Maintenance
  • Overhead Bucket Hoists
  • Skid Steer Loaders

Part Number

Nominal Diameter

Thread Detail

Dust Plugs

6FFS251/4"1/4" NPTSDC6FF

9/16" UNF

10FFS373/8"3/8" NPTSDC10FF
10FFS37BS3/8"3/8" BSPPSDC10FF
10FFS503/8"1/2" NPTSDC10FF
10FFS50BS3/8"1/2" BSPPSDC10FF
10FFS16FMET3/8"M16 x 150SDC10FF
10FFS56UN3/8"9/16" UNFSDC10FF
10FFS75UN3/8"3/4" UNFSDC10FF
10FFS87UN3/8"7/8" UNFSDC10FF
10FFS56ORM3/8"9/16" UNF*SDC10FF
10FFS75ORM3/8"3/4" UNF*SDC10FF
12FFS501/2"1/2" NPTSDC12FF
12FFS50BS1/2"1/2" BSPPSDC12FF
12FFS106UN1/2"1 1/16" NPTSDC12FF
12FFS751/2"3/4" NPTSDC12FF
12FFS75BS1/2"3/4" BSPPSDC12FF
12FFS75UN1/2"3/4" UNFSDC12FF
12FFS87UN1/2"7/8" UNFSDC12FF
16FFS505/8"1/2" NPTSDC16FF
16FFS50BS5/8"1/2" BSPPSDC16FF
16FFS755/8"3/4" NPTSDC16FF
16FFS75BS5/8"3/4" BSPPSDC16FF 
16FFS75UN5/8"3/4" UNFSDC16FF
16FFS87UN5/8"7/8" UNFSDC16FF
16FFS106UN5/8"1 -1/16" UNSDC16FF
19FFS753/4"3/4" NPTSDC19FF
19FFS75BS3/4"3/4" BSPPSDC19FF
19FFS131UN3/4"1 5/16" UNFSDC19FF
19FFS1003/4"1" NPTSDC19FF
19FFS100BS3/4"1" BSPPSDC19FF 
19FF106UN3/4"1-1/16" UNSDC19FF
25FFS1001"1" NPTSDC25FF
25FFS1251"1 1/4" NPTSDC25FF
25FFS125BS1"1 1/4" BSPPSDC25FF
25FFS162UN1"1 5/8" UNSDC25FF

* External thread


Part Number

Nominal Diameter

Thread Detail

Dust Caps

6FFP251/4"1/4" NPT        PDC6FF
6FFP56UN1/4"9/16" UNFPDC6FF
10FFP373/8"3/8" NPTPDC10FF
10FFP37BS3/8"3/8" BSPPPDC10FF
10FFP503/8"1/2" NPTPDC10FF
10FFP50BS3/8"1/2" BSPPPDC10FF
10FFP16FMET3/8"M16 x 150PDC10FF
10FFP56UN3/8"9/16" UNFPDC10FF
10FFP75UN3/8"3/4" UNFPDC10FF
10FFP87UN3/8"7/8" UNFPDC10FF
10FFP56ORM3/8"9/16" UNF*PDC10FF
10FFP75ORM3/8"3/4" UNF*PDC10FF
12FFP501/2"1/2" NPTPDC12FF
12FFP50BS1/2"1/2" BSPPPDC12FF
12FFP106UN1/2"1 1/16" NPTPDC12FF
12FFP751/2"3/4" NPTPDC12FF
12FFP75BS1/2"3/4" BSPPPDC12FF
12FFP75UN1/2"3/4" UNFPDC12FF
12FFP87UN1/2"7/8" UNFPDC12FF
16FFP505/8"1/2" NPTPDC16FF
16FFP50BS5/8"1/2" BSPP PDC16FF
16FFP755/8"3/4" NPTPDC16FF
16FFP75BS5/8"3/4" BSPPPDC16FF
16FFP75UN5/8"3/4" UNFPDC16FF
16FFP87UN5/8"7/8" UNFPDC16FF
16FFP106UN5/8"1 1/16 UNPDC16FF
19FFP753/4"3/4" NPTPDC19FF
19FFP75BS3/4"3/4" BSPPPDC19FF
19FFP131UN3/4"1 5/16" NPTPDC19FF
19FFP1003/4"1" NPTPDC19FF
19FFP100BS3/4"1" BSPPPDC19FF
19FFP106UN3/4"1 1/16 BSPPPDC19FF
25FFP1001"1" NPTPDC25FF
25FFP1251"1 1/4" NPTPDC25FF
25FFP125BS1"1 1/4" BSPPPDC25FF
25FFP162UN1"1 5/8" UNPDC25FF

* External Thread

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