LS System Enhanced Valves by Enfield Technologies

Manufacturer: Enfield Technologies


  • Proportional bi-directional control valve
  • 5/3 (5-ported, 3-way) design. 3 extreme positions with infinitely variable controlled aperture intermediate positions
  • 2.4 ms shifting time; 109 Hz
  • Unique, patented valve design utilizing a linear force motor with rare earth neodymium magnet
  • Faster and more accurate than solenoid valves
  • Normally closed, blocked center position when off
  • 3 sizes with different effective apertures cover a wide range of volume and mass flow capacities
  • Rust resistant nickel-plated self-sheilding motor housing
  • Smooth, quiet, jitter free operation
  • 1-part unified body. Permits higher pressures and less convoluted flow path.


  • Proportional directional control
  • Proportional flow control
  • Proportional pressure control
  • Ultra-fast switching
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