M2 Valves by Enfield Technologies

Manufacturer: Enfield Technologies

The M2 valves are instrument-grade, proportional, directional control pneumatic valves for high performance applications such as medical equipment, test & measurement systems, advanced automation and animatronics. The M2s valve is designed to be paired with Enfield Technologies driver or controller/driver electronics such as the LS-C10, LS-C41, and C2s. The M2d is powered by 24 Vdc and the onboard signal conditioning accepts either voltage or current command signals.


  • Proportional
  • High Speed and Flow
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Vacuum Capable
  • High Linearity

High performance by design: The M2 valves utilize a specialized linear force motor rather than a traditional proportional solenoid. The aperture of the valves are controlled at very high speed which allows the valves to respond quickly to set-point command changes. When at a given set-point, the aperture is held steady rather than pulsing to create an average flow from a duty cycle. The result is high fidelity - commands are faithfully reproduced which allows engineers to create better performing designs. Internal construction allows the valves to operate from vacuum through high pressure simultaneously


  • Proportional directional control
  • Proportional flow control
  • Proportional pressure control
  • Ultra-fast switching

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