Proportional Systems Controller by Enfield Technologies

Manufacturer: Enfield Technologies

The C2s AND C2d are enclosed high-speed, high-accuracy analog PID controllers with an enhanced user-interface that allows the user the flexibility to create breakthrough applications.

  • Mutiple PID and Feed Forward Options
  • Digital GUI
  • Enhanced Tuning via Digipot Adjustments
  • Independent Input Signal Scaling
Compatible Valves and Devices:
  • M2 Valves
  • LS Valves (Standard and Enhanced)
Related Items & Accessories:
  • cbl-001 Power Cable
  • cbl-002 Valve Cable (for M2s valve)
  • cbl-003 Command Input Cable
  • cbl-004 Valve Command Cable (M2d valve)
  • cbl-005 Feedback Input Cable
  • LS-Cable Valve Cable (for LS valves)
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