Precision Pneumatic Linear Actuators by Barrington Automation

Manufacturer: Barrington Automation
  1. End blocks either anodized or electroless nickel plated with mounting holes
  2. Case hardened and ground shafts
  3. Shock absorbers or hydraulic cushions(except LA-1)
  4. Adjustable stopscrews for end-of-stroke
  5. Flat body design
  6. Stop sensing capabilities
  7. Chrome plated cylinder rods and long life seals
  8. Counterbores or tapped holes in end plates for mounting other components
  9. 4 linear ball bearings with rod seals on all actuators
  10. Tapped and through holes for ease of mounting
  11. Removable and repairable cylinder
  12. Anodized aluminum body and bearing blocks

See Linear Actuator Specifications and Drawings

Barrington Automation pneumatic linear actuators feature precise stroke adjustment and high repeat accuracy. Engineered and manufactured for reliability and precision in production environments, linear actuators are available in a wide range of stock strokes and sizes. Custom stroke lengths are available.
  Shock absorbers or hydraulic cushions decelerate the load at the end of stroke. Adjustable stop screws allow fine adjustments in stroke length and are used with available switches to provide end-of-stroke sensing
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