Tuff Series Gripper Features by Barrington Automation

Manufacturer: Barrington Automation
  1. All steel parts electroless nickel plated
  2. Hardened steel sliding jaws with dowel pins and tapped holes for tooling
  3. Hardened pins for increased cycle life
  4. Self-lubricating bushings
  5. Dowel pin & tapped holes for side and bottom mounting
  6. Hardcoat anodized body and cylinder
  7. Side mounted ports (NPT)
  8. Roller burnished cylinder bore for additional hardness and smoothness
  • Open, close, and jaw position sensing available
  • Tested and pre-cycled
  • Operating pressure 60-100 psi
  • Optional Precision Jaws predrilled for tooling mount
  • Square body design with built in cylinder
  • Hardened steel clevis link
  • Ground steel linkages
  • Hardened pins for increased cycle life
  • Optional sensing (see Sensing for BT Grippers )
  • Optional tooling jawsSide and bottom mounting with dowel pin & tapped holes
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