Gas Springs by ACE Controls

Manufacturer: ACE Controls

ACE Gas springs can be used for a variety of inductrial and commercial applications.  Each shock is nitrogen charged and Made in America for exacting long lasting quality, performace and fast de,ivery.

Gas Springs

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ACE Controls gas springs are reliable units designed to handle the demanding needs of the

industrial and commercial markets. They are maintenance free and self-contained.

ACE gas springs remove the need for muscle power and provide controlled motion for lids, hoods,

machine guards, panels and more.

Body diameter models are available from 15 mm to 28 mm with forces ranging from 10 N to 2,500 N.

ACE Controls gas springs offer a high service life with treated steel piston rod and precision steel

body. In addition, these durable models offer an integrated low friction bearing with a grease

chamber that provides a very low break away force. These unique features make the ACE Controls

gas springs superior to conventional gas springs.

They can be mounted in any orientation, although mounting with the rod in the downward position is

preferred. The internal valve allows the force to be adjusted to your specific requirements.

A wide variety of end fittings make installation easy and versatile.



Gas Springs
Manufacturer: ACE Controls
Product: Gas Springs
Gas Spring Catalog by ACE Controls.
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