Mazzer Polyurethane Tubing by Mazzer Tubing

Manufacturer: Mazzer Tubing
The Rubberlike Tubing With All the Advantages of Plastics

Mazzer polyurethane tubing has the characteristics of an elastomer with good elongation and recovery as well as many of the desirable properties of thermoplastics. It is the most flexible of all plastic tubing and has a temperature range of -40 deg. F to +180 deg. F. Polyurethane has good chemical and abrasion resistance and is tough and flexible.


  • Most flexible
  • Kink resistant
  • Excellent tearing and abrasion resistance
  • Broad range of chemical resistance
  • Toughest
  • Excellent oxidation and ozone resistance


  • Instrumentation
  • Machine tools
  • Food processing equipment
  • General manufacturing applications
  • Automotive
  • Computer devices
  • General laboratory use
  • Fuel
  • General medical applications
  • Vacuum equipment
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