100 Series by Vacon AC Drives

Manufacturer: Vacon AC Drives

VACON 100 is a multipurpose drive that can be used in hundreds of different applications. Its versatility is what sets it apart from competitors, and the features it contains are designed to make it easy to run and maintain. Built-in Ethernet allows for easy integration to plant automation and VACON Live means the user can commission, maintain and monitor performance remotely. The drive can be customized for all kinds of purposes to ensure you get the most out of it, whatever the environment you need it for.

Vacon 100 is bursting with smart new features. Benefit from functional safety with Safe Torque Off to prevent the motor from generating torque on the motor shaft, Safe Stop 1, and ATEX certified motor over-temperature protection. Vacon 100 also has a unique feature with built-in Ethernet to make integration to plant automation easy and efficient via integrated ModBus TCP, Ethernet I/P or Profinet IO

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