Refrigerated Air Dryer - 301 Series by Ultra-Air

Manufacturer: Ultra-Air

Today's ultra competitive business climate makes every dollar crucial in order to stay competitive. Thermal Mass Cycling Refrigerated air Dryer offers energy savings that benefits that all-important bottom line. As its name implies, it cycles the refrigerant compressor on and off only in times of need. With standard, non-cycling refrigerated dryers the compressor remains on whether there is a high or low load.


  • Standard suction and discharge gauges on all units for easy detection of pressures. Standard electronic control panel for all models.
  • The compact, high efficiency counter-flowing evaporator minimizes the compressor size allowing for maximum energy savings.
  • Fan has sealed bearings, keeping it maintenance free for many years to come.
  • The glycol tank uses welded fittings, assuring zero leakage.
  • Standard liquid line filter dryer assures a clean, dry refrigerant system.
  • Powder coat paint finish.
  • Circulation pump - the wet rotor design allows it to be maintenance-free and minimize the energy consumed.
  • Zero Loss Drain - Does not allow expensive compressed air to pass
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Standard Delta Series™ 1 micron inlet filter removes oil and particulate, keeping the heat exchanger efficient for many, many years


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