Numatics FRL Products - MPCR Series by Numatics FRL

Manufacturer: Numatics FRL

The Numatics MPCR uses either a DeviceNet or Profibus network protocol to control up to eight Miniature Electropneumatic Transducers from one fieldbus node. This eliminates costly wiring and multiple nodes that are necessary with competitors single station units. Not only does the manifold offer a cost savings to the customer, it provides a user-friendly set-up. Industries or applications that would be interested in the MPCR include: Paint spray, welding, packaging, web tensioning, adhesive, and many process applications.


  • Control up to eight miniature electropneumatic regulators with one fieldbus node, which eliminates costly wiring and multiple nodes.
  • Optional feedback to the PLC assures the appropriate pressure of each regulator.
  • Common supply and optional common exhaust eliminates plumbing.
  • Individual shutoffs allows service of individual units while others remain functioning.
  • Backplane electronics eliminates the need for re-addressing of the system.
  • Designed to meet IP65 requirements



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