FRL's - 80 Series by Numatics FRL

Manufacturer: Numatics FRL
The Precision Instrumentation series is a line of special regulators which are used in applications needing precision regulation. Many of these regulators can be used in pneumatic/electric applications. Numatics Precision Pneumatic Controls provide a stable, reliable pressure no matter how much the inlet pressure varies.

The 83 and 85 Series Electropneumatic Transducers convert an electronic signal to a proportional pneumatic output. These Transducers provide precise and stable outputs utilizing solid-state feedback circuitry.

The 87 Series Ratio Relay Volume Boosters are used to amplify pressure or for remote pressure control - perfect for cylinder actuation or clutch and brake control.

  • Precision Regulator
  • High Flow Precision Regulator
  • Electropneumatic Transducer
  • Miniature Electropneumatic Transducer
  • Ratio Relay Volume Booster
  • Instrument Air Regulator


Precision Regulator Catalog
Manufacturer: Numatics FRL
Product: FRL's - 80 Series
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