Miniature Air Valves

Manufactured by ASCO/Numatics


The many unique features of these valves make them ideal for applications in analytical instrumentation, chromatography, biomedical, medical diagnostics, semiconductor, H.V.A.C., gas sampling equipment and many other industrial and OEM applications.

Made Entirely from Stainless Steel

 "S" Series

Standard Specifications: Cv: .025 to .1

  • Orifice: .030" to .080"
  • Coil Wattage: 0.65 to 1.5 watt
  • Maximum leakage rate: 0.016 SCCM (bubble tight)
  • Temperature range: -10 deg F to 150 deg F (-23 deg C to 66 deg C)
  • Class 'A' insulated coils
  • #20 AWG & #24 AWG Teflon insulated lead wires
  • Tin plated brass .110 x .020 Fast-on terminals
  • Response time < .010 seconds
  • All valves rated to 28" Hg. Vacuum

Tested in excess of 500 million cycles

All valves 100% factory tested

10m (Micron) filtration recommended  

Recommended for use with dry air, lubricated air, vacuum, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable dry gases

Max pressure 100 PSI High Power (1.5Watt Coil)  with 10/32 Ports or stud for manifold mounting

Numatics "S" Series Miniature solenoid air valve

Max pressure 50 PSI Low Power (0.65 Watt Coil)  with 10/32 Ports or stud for manifold mounting
Numatics "S" Series Miniature Solenoid Valve, Low Wattage Coil Model
For Manifold Mounting Series Valves

Numatics air valves are Made from Hard Anodized Aluminum 1/8NPT Pressure Inlet port, 10-32 Outlet ports.

Our Ten Millimeter TM valves feature a maximum leakage rate of 0.016 SCCM bubble tight and are epoxy impregnated Nylon encapsulated class F continuous duty

Numatics TM air valve Features:

Tested in excess of 200 million cycles

All valves factory tested

Circuit board mountable

Oxygen clean available

Female locking connector or hardwire leads available