Gear Box Standard 2.5:1 Ratio

Right Hand- Shaft A and B Rotate in the Same Direction

Left hand- Shaft A and B Rotate in opposite direction

Tolomatic Float-A-Shaft is a universal right-angle gearbox coupling, consisting of two 45 helical gears that mesh at right angles. They can be operated in either direction and slide axially along the drive or driven shaft. An aluminum housing encloses gears which are keyed directly to the shafts. Unique floating design maintains perfect alignment and eliminates the use of dangerous chain sprocket drives. Rated for a maximum of 500 RPM.

Gear Box, Tolomatic Standard Series Low Torque

Tolo FAS
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Right Hand- Shaft A and B rotate in the same direction

Left Hand- Shaft A and B rotate in opposite directions

Tolomatic Float-A-Shaft

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