Feed Escapements (Pneumatic)

The FE Series design uses two double acting cylinders that are cross-ported and internally sequenced for smooth functioning parts regulation. Internal back pressure cross-port design allows both rods to be retracted with the air off to easily clear jammed parts. A four way two position valve is required for operation.


  • Body: High strength hardcoat aluminum.
  • Rods: Ground aluminum, hardcoat anodized, Teflon impregnated non-rotating.
  • Retract Stop Adjustment: Two adjustment screws allow flexibility to adjust the retract stroke on both rods independently.
  • Bronze Bushings: High side load capabilities, self lubricating, long life.
  • Sensing: Hall effect sensors available to sense extend & retract positions
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Feed Escapement Standard 1.25" Stroke

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Feed escapements
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