Wilkerson Air Lubricators

Wilkerson compressed air lubricators are used to provide a precise amount of oil into the compressed air stream to lubricate the components in a pneumatic system

Wilkerson Lubricators are made in the USA and available in several different pipe sizes
Wilkerson L16/26 Lube
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Wilkerson 16/26 Series Air Lubricators

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Wilkerson Series L16 and L26 Brand Airline Lubricator

* Polycarbonate bowl with metal bowl guard.
* Quick-Disconnect clamp ring for easy removal.
* Adjustable oil feed.
* Siphon tube filter provides clean lubrication downstream.
* Maximum supply pressure - 300 psig.
* Zinc body.

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Wilkerson 18 Series Air Lubricator

Wilkerson L18 Series Lubricator
Wilkerson L18 Series Lubricator.  Choose from 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 NPT Pipe size