Numatics Air Filter/Reg Combos

This component was designed to filter and regulate the pressure of compressed air when cost and space are of primary concern.

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Numatics Filter/Regulator Combination

Numatics Piggy Back Filter regualtor
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Numatics Combination Filter/Regulator

5 Micron Filter element and 3.8 oz polycarbonate bowl. Output pressure 0-125 PSIG.

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Numatics Shut off Valve for 22 Series

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The shut-off valve is an easy and inexpensive way to add shut off capability to an FRL. The valve includes a lockout feature designed for a padlock to prevent unauthorized downstream pressurization during maintenance. The shut off valve is usually mounted first in the assembly. Max. inlet Pressure: 200 PSI (13.7 bar)
Numatics Shut off valve 1/2 NPT Ports
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Numatics Diverter Block for 22 Series

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Designed to give our air preparation products total versatility, the diverter block mounts directly inline with the FRL combination. Additional components can then be manifold mounted in a compact manner that does not cause excessive pressure drop. There are two available ports per unit: both are tapped for standard service. Max. inlet Pressure: 200 PSI (13.7 bar)
Numatics Diverter Blocks 3/8 NPT Ports
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