Manufacturer: American Cylinders
  • STAINLESS STEEL SERIES: Type 304 Stainless Steel cylinder body manufactured to special mill specifications and tolerances to insure a long cylinder life.
  • ALUMINUM SERIES: Cylinder body of hard coating I.D. Aluminum Tubing has extreme hardness, excellent wear and seizure resistance, low coefficient of friction and high corrosion resistance.
  • STAINLESS STEEL ROD: Ground & Polished Type 303 Stainless Steel rods are standard on all models. All rods have wrench flats and stress relief grooves (9/16" bore excluded).
  • PISTON ROD ASSEMBLY: Piston Rods are threaded, anaerobically sealed, and machine staked into the piston for triple protection.
  • END CAPS & PISTON: High strength aluminum alloy.
  • MAGNET FOR SENSING SWITCH ACTUATION: Internal magnet specially designed for use with American Reed or Hall Effect Switches.
  • SPRINGS: Springs for spring action cylinders are made from music wire and designed for millions of cycles. Special spring forces are available.
  • ROD GUIDE BUSHING: Standard on all models. The oil impregnated sintered bronze bushing increases the life of the cylinder rod and provides a non-abrasive bearing surface.
  • BUNA-N U-CUP ROD & PISTON SEALS: U-Cup seals provide low breakaway friction and maximize cylinder life expectancy. Standard Buna-N seals are recommended for operating temperatures of -20oF (-25oC) to 200oF (95oC). Fluoroelastomer seals are available upon request.
  • PIVOT PIN/PIVOT BUSHING: Stainless Steel Series cylinders are shipped with plated steel pivot pins as standard. Sintered bronze pivot bushings are available as an alternative standard option. (5/16", 1-3/4" & 2" bores supplied with pivot bushings only.)
  • ROD SEAL: Precision machined rod seal groove provides a smooth sealing surface while positively retaining the seal without requiring additional components and relying on press fit containment.
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