Tolomatic GSA/GSM Series Guided Screw Drive Actuators by Tolomatic Axidyne Electric Motion Control


The Tolomatic GSA/GSM series of guided screw actuators combines a rod screw actuator with mounting blocks, guide rods and bearings. A complete selection of sizes, options and system components are available. The GSA/GSM series offers high performance, dependability and mounting flexibility for pivotal applications.

  • 4 english and metric body sizes
  • Thrust capacities range from 70 to 2700 lbs
  • Good resistance to side loading
  • Wide tooling plate for end effector mounting
  • Choice of linear ball or composite bearings with internal lubrication of guide rods for increased bearing life
  • Standard or oversized guide rod diameter for increased rigidity and lower deflection
  • Strokes in any incremental length up to 36 inches depending on body size.




Tolomatic GSA Actuator Specs
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