Trol Remote Timer Panel by Trol Systems

Manufacturer: Trol Systems

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Part No:  RTP-02, w/ software version 1.01


3.2" (81.5mm) wide, 2.55" (65mm) high, 1.25" (32mm) deep

polycarbonate overlay over .058" thick aluminum face plate

.06" thick neoprene gasket seals to NEMA type 12 protection

supplied data cable is 30" (763mm) long


2 line x 12 character super twist LCD, 40 degree viewing angle character size is .25" (6.20mm) high, by .13" (3.2mm) wide

operating temperature range 0 to 50 deg. C. (32 to 120 deg. F.)

storage temperature range -20 to 70 deg. C. (-4 to 158 deg. F.)

Power Requirements

Power is supplied by the T6+ MCU via data cable, 5 volts maximum


Each timer can be operated by any page, any number of times timing range is .01 to 49,999.90 seconds in 10ms resolution

Timing accuracy is + 3ms repeatability

15 individual messages, containing 24 characters each

Timer settings and messages are stored internally via nonvolatile eeprom which does not require battery backup.

OEM considerations

Custom cable lengths for the RTP are available. Multiple RTP units can be "cloned" using a Program Transfer Module (part number PTM-02). This eliminates the need to setup each RTP individually. It will also store a copy of the RTP's program for backup.


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Timer Manual
Manufacturer: Trol Systems
Product: Trol Remote Timer Panel
Trol Systems Remote Timer Panel user manual.
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