Hansen Flow Sensor by Hansen Couplings

Manufacturer: Hansen Couplings

The Hansen Flow Sensor is designed to protect personnel and property in case of hose failure, which is in compliance with Federal Safety Regulations, and is intended for use with compressed air. The device automatically shuts off air flow to ruptured hose, which reduces the risk of injury or damage from hose whip. The compact design is economical and tamper-resistant and can operate in any orientation. The devise has a 250 psig pressure rating and a low pressure drop, and automatically resets after failure correction



  • Automatically shuts off air flow to ruptured hose
  • Reduces risk of injury or damage from hose whip
  • Automatically resets after failure correction
  • 250 psig pressure rating (all sizes)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Operates in any orientation
  • Compact design, economical, tamper-resistant

Standard Materials:

  • Brass body
  • Acetal valve (1/4" - 1")
  • Brass valve (1½")
  • Stainless steel valve spring

Part NumberNominal DiameterThread Detail
B4-FS-25F-21/4"1/4-18 NPTF
B6-FS-37F-53/8"3/8-18 NPTF
B8-FS-50F-81/2"1/2-14 NPTF
B12-FS-75F-133/4"3/4-14 NPTF
B16-FS-100F-211"1-11 1/2 NPTF
B24-FS-150F-451 1/2"1 1/2-11 1/2 NPTF



Hansen Flow Sensor Specifications
Manufacturer: Hansen Couplings
Product: Hansen Flow Sensor
Hansen Flow Sensor Specifications. Hansen Flow sensors are used to automatically detect a break in a pneumatic hose
and will shut off the flow, preventing dangerous hose whip.
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