2 Axis Robot by Animatics Smart Motors

Manufacturer: Animatics Smart Motors
Number of axes: 2 axes
High Repeatability: 16 Microns
Work Envelope: Up to 600mm by 550mm by 250mm
High Precision: 8000 positioning points
Load Capability: Up to 45Kg load at 250mm/sec


 You Tube Video Demonstration


  • Highly Configurable
  • Work area up to 600mmx550mmx250mm
  • 120-240VAC 50./60hz Input
  • E-Stop Drive Power
  • Maintained control power
  • 2.5mm/rev X and Y axis, 1600 counts/mm resolution
  • 275mm/sec X or Y
  • Optional up to 40 channels of Universal 24V I/O
  • Optional Combitronic with CANopen or DeviceNet protocol


Table Top Robot (TTR)

Animatics’ Table Top Robots offer the highest levels of efficiency and convenience for any application. Utilizing the quality and innovation of the Animatics’ SmartMotor and the high performance, low cost structure of OEM Dynamics’ reliable actuators, TTRs from Animatics will increase production efficiency with fluid movements only achievable with a Brushless DC motor (BLDC), while the modular nature of the SmartMotor reduces downtime. The TTRs powerful load capacity will meet all of your demands, and with the possibility of storing up to 8000 preset positions and 32Kb of program memory per axis, even the most intricate, precise programs are not only possible, they’re easy.


Automation in production lines is in demand in all industries, and lean manufacturing is no longer a hot word, it is a requirement to stay competitive.  Animatics’ TTR is lean. The optimized design may be utilized as an individual work cell.


Animatics TTRs consist of an X-Y (optional Z) ball screw driven Cartesian system. Each System has 2 (or 3) SmartMotor servos pre-wired through a RS-232 serial daisy and Combitronic™ parallel bus protocol. Designed as a pre-configured system of components, the TTR is ready to be controlled either via Host PC, PLC, HMI, or all stand alone with user defined downloaded programs, and effortlessly integrated into any system.


Variations such as the X-Z gantry two axis models are also available to be easily and fully integrated into your production line without losing precious floor space.


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