Zimmer 3 Jaw Grippers

Zimmer 3 Jaw grippers.  Zimmer Drop-in replacement for other popular gripper manufacturers.  When you need longer life, greater forces and lower cost, choose Zimmer.   Zimmer manufacturers a complete line of Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electrical Grippers and clamps for robotics and machine automation.  Zimmer grippers are designed to outlast other grippers.  Zimmer offers a standard IP64/67 design, better pricing, and dimensional interchangeability. to some other manufacturer's models.  It's easy to upgrade your grippers, Zimmer is the new benchmark for quality and reliability. Zimmer grippers are available only for our customers in PA, NJ, DE or MD.

 Use the chart below as a guide to help select a comparable Zimmer gripper for some other major brands.  Always refer to the manufacturers' published dimensional and performance specifications to determine suitability in your application.


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Zimmer GPD Gripper

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Zimmer GPD Series 3 Jaw Pneumatic Gripper

Zimmer GPD Grippers offer drop-in interchangeability to other popular brands.  (Compare manufacturers' published dimensional and performance specifications) 

(Zimmer grippers are only available to our customers in PA,NJ,DE and MD) 


PZN Plus 40                          GPD5003

PZN Plus 50                          GPD5004

PZN Plus 64                          GPD5006

PZN Plus 100                        GPD5010

PZN Plus 125                        GPD5013

PZN Plus 160                        GPD5016

PZN Plus 200                        GPD5025

PZN Plus 240                        GPD5030

PZN Plus 300                        GPD5035