ACE Shock Model MC600

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ACE Controls Self Compensating Shock
Absorber Model MC600

Self-Compensating, Rolling Diaphragm Technology
Energy capacity 175 in-lbs/Cycle to 1,200 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke 0.50 in to 1.00 in

Tried-and-tested and durable: with a hermetically sealed rolling diaphragm in each absorber, the MC150 to 600 series is suitable for an exceptionally high lifetime of use with up to 25 million cycles. The rolling diaphragm technology perfected by ACE ensures complete separation of the damping fluid from the surrounding air. This makes direct installation in a pressure chamber, e.g. as end stop damping, in pneumatic cylinders up to approx. 100 psi (7 bar) possible.
The rolling diaphragm delivers very low return forces for these maintenance-free, ready-to-install absorbers. An integrated positive stop and progressive energy capacities, with a wide range of effective weight, make these miniature shock absorbers a winner. Furthermore, the use of a side load adapter allows impact angles of up to 25°. Stainless steel options are available for greater environmental compatibility. Self-compensating shock absorbers react to changing energy conditions, without adjustment

ACE Shock Model MC600

Threaded Body Style, 1"-12, 5.58" Long, 1.00" Stroke

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We are a factory authorized distributor for ACE Controls, Industrial Shock Absorbers. All of our products are brand new and covered by ACE factory warantee.

Technical Data

Energy capacity 175 in-lbs/Cycle to 1,200 in-lbs/Cycle

Stroke 0.50 in to 1.00 in

Impact velocity range 0.22 ft/sec to 19.7 ft/sec. Other speeds on request.

Operating temperature range 32 °F to 150 °F

Mounting In any position

Positive stop Integrated

Material Outer body, Accessories: Steel corrosion-resistant coating; Main bearing: Plastic ; Piston rod: Hardened stainless steel (1.4125, AISI 440C) ; Rolling diaphragm: EPDM

Damping medium Oil, temperature stable

Application field Linear slides, Pneumatic cylinders, Swivel units, Handling modules