ACE Shock Model MA900

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ACE Adjustable Shock Absorber Model MA900

ACE Shock Model MA900

Threaded Body Style, 1"-12, 7.44" Long, 1.58" Stroke

Miniature Shock Absorbers

Stepless adjustment

Energy capacity 900 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke 1.58 in

The miniature shock absorbers from the MA30 to MA900 product family can be adjusted and precisely adapted to your requirements. For example, the MA150 displays the rolling diaphragm technology from the MC150 to MC600 family and offers all of the advantages of this technology, such as use in pressure chambers. Thanks to long strokes (including 1.57 in on the MA900) lower reaction forces result, which provide a soft damping characteristic.

All variations of these units are maintenance-free, ready-to-install machine elements and have an integrated positive stop. They provide the best service where application data changes, where the calculation parameters are not clear or where maximum flexibility in the possible usage is required.

These adjustable miniature shock absorbers from ACE can be used to precisely meet the customer's application needs and are therefore found everywhere in industrial, automation and machine engineering and many other applications.


Energy capacity 900 in-lbs/Cycle

Stroke 1.58 in

Impact velocity range 0.5 ft/sec to 12 ft/sec

Operating temperature range 32 °F to 150 °F

Mounting In any position

Positive stop Integrated

Adjustment Hard impact at the start of stroke, adjust the ring towards 9 or PLUS. Hard impact at the end of stroke, adjust the ring towards 0 or MINUS.

Material Outer body, Accessories: Steel corrosion-resistant coating; Piston rod: Hardened stainless steel

Damping medium Oil, temperature stable

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